Skin Care

So Be Well wants to create a happy environment for you and your skin, in order for it to respond positively to the treatment. During the consultation and your skin assessment, a treatment plan will be provided for you, to suit your skin type and what you are looking to achieve.

Treatments are bespoke; therefore, enzymatic facials are also an option if peels are not your first choice. Products are used to wrap around the peels but also can be used long term as your daily skin care regime. I use a range of chemical peels that are different to other forms of peels as they focus on achieving activity inside the skin rather than on the skin. The emphasis is on skin remodeling concentrating on rejuvenation, Pigmentation, Sun damage, Acne, Rosacea, oil control, thread veins and other skin problems. The peels comprises of different acids which will be chosen specifically dependent on the needs of your skin