Weight Management

Yes, your body is amazing! Most of us take our health for granted and only take action when things go wrong. Basic nutrition – healthy eating is an important first‐step on the road to health. The road to getting rid of chronic health problems, preventing disease, and improving the quality of your life, begins with fundamental improvements in your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle. A proper diet provides your body with raw materials such as vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to begin to cleanse and rebuild itself. This is the foundation of your nutritional program.

During a consultation you will be recommended either the SoBeWell  or Metabolic programme depending on your body`s needs

Metabolic Balance

Say goodbye to starvation diets! A Natural approach to reaching your perfect body weight and keeping it off!

Natural weight management programme offering fast results and long term success

  • You receive an individualised personal nutritional plan based on 35 laboratory values from a simple blood test. These values establish the correct parameters for proper metabolic and hormonal function for your unique biochemistry. The nutritional plan re-establishes your natural nightime fat burning process (lipolysis) and kick starts your metabolism again. The change in metabolism is achieved with this individualised, precise and balanced nutrition plan.
  • All recommended foods can be purchased at your local supermarket.
  • Metabolic Balance® is the accumulation of 25 years of academic research and development. The programme has been developed by a team of doctors, nutritionists and IT programming specialists.


Revolutionary new body wrap treatment

BIOSLIMMING is a revolutionary new body contouring treatment effective at producing visible long lasting results from the first treatment. Bioslimming is unlike the traditional body wraps on the market and successfully targets cellulite, fat, burns calories and slims, firms and tones.

It has been Scientifically Formulated using a unique combination of Active ingredients which include a Multitude of Plant Extracts, High Concentration of Caffeine, Essential Oils, Algae Extract & Thermo Agents (both Hot & Cold) this allows the Bioslimming boy wrap to produce incredible, long lasting results which are visible from the first treatment.

Healthy Eating

SoBeWell healthy eating

This personal nutrition-weight loss program allows you to break old habits, overcome barriers and set clear and useful goals for the new healthy you!

What’s next?

I will send you a health questionnaire to complete that includes a three-day food diary. This is your first step on the So Be Well program – congratulations! We’ll meet up for a consultation and I will share delicious healthy recipes. I will give you advice on good nutrition – healthy eating and show you how to put food groups together in the correct proportions. We’ll look at healthy cooking methods so that you not only eat nutrient-dense food but also get the very best for your new amazing body. The consultation takes 60 minutes and cost is £120.